भागिरथी महिला मंडळ

व्यवसाय | माहिती व मनोरंजन | खेळ

Mrs. Arundhati Mahadik is a household name throughout Kolhapur & adjacent districts. It is due to social activities carried out by ‘Bhaghirathi Mahila Sanstha’. After a long observation of various sections of society, specially the plight and condition of women, Mrs. Arundhati Mahadik decided to do some concrete work towards their excellence.Taking inspiration from ‘Dhananjay Mahadik Yuvashakti’, Mrs. Mahadik established ‘Bhaghirathi Mahila Sanshta’ on 23rd July 2009. Bhaghirathi has helped in grooming them and making them self-reliant. Education to illiterate women, guidance for their professional upliftment and working towards betterment of society in large and women in particular. As on today Bhaghirathi has more than 5,000 members.

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Toll Free Number :7796695577

Aims & Objectives of Bhaghirathi :
Help women to become self reliant
Develop entrepreneurship in women
Encourage women to take lead in various forums